Privacy Policy

We, the HOP Group (Housing Operations Architects Co., Ltd., Studio Co., Ltd., Atelier AM Inc., and HOP Factory Co., Ltd.), are deeply aware that personal information of our customers is important and constitutes privacy. When handling personal information in our business, we ensure that all officers and employees manage it with the utmost care in accordance with laws and regulations concerning personal information and the following provisions.

Purposes in obtaining and using personal information

We will collect personal information adequately and fairly, clarify the purposes of use, and only collect personal information necessary for the said purposes of use. Additionally, we will use the personal information to an extent that does not deviate from the said purposes of use. The purposes of using personal information at the HOP Group are as follows.

(1) To provide customers with products and services related to the following businesses handled by the HOP Group.

Architectural design and construction and construction supervision
Architecture firm management
Development of construction methods
Consulting services and construction consulting services for living environments
Inspection, diagnosis, and renovation design of buildings
Planning, inspection, design, and real estate consulting services for the effective use of land and buildings
Buying and selling, managing, and leasing of real estates
Interior design planning, interior design, and sale of interior supplies
Export, import, and sale of building materials, upholstery, furniture and lighting fixtures, heating appliances, and accessories
Planning, publishing, and sale of publications
Management of various cultural classes
Holding lectures, symposia, seminars, etc.
Businesses related to non-life insurance agency services and solicitation of life insurance
All other businesses incidental to the above businesses

(2) To adequately fulfill the agreement between customers and the HOP Group, such as meeting, settlement, implementation of surveys, complaint, and inquiry

(3) Support and intermediate of various procedures related to the provision of products and services (financing, licensing, registration, etc.)

(4) To provide information the HOP Group deems useful to customers, such as information on various events, campaigns, email newsletter, and direct mails

(5) For market research, including usage situation and usage environments of products and services of the HOP Group

(6) To implement other matters incidental to the HOP Group’s businesses

To achieve the above purposes of use, personal information will be shared and used in the HOP Group.

Disclosure of matters concerning retained personal data

(1) In any of the following cases regarding personal data retained in the HOP Group, please contact us via mail at the address below.

  • When you wish to disclose whether your personal information is retained by the HOP Group, and if so, what kind of information it is
  • When the personal information is incorrect and you wish to correct it or some such

(2) The HOP Group manages personal information carefully and safely. However, in any of the following unlikely cases, please contact us via mail at the address below.

  • When you wish to request the suspension of personal information usage because it is used for purposes other than the above purposes of use
  • When you wish to stop the provision of your personal information to a third party without a justifiable reason

(3) Please send us your opinions regarding the handling of personal data at the HOP Group via mail at the address below.

21 Chome-2-1 Kita 5 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, 064-0824
Housing Operations Architects Co., Ltd.

Improvement of Privacy Policy

We will review and improve the above items appropriately. The revised policy will be posted on our website.